Boarding Service

What is Included

  • Private Kennel or Condo
  • Optional in-house services (bathing, exams, etc.)
  • Walks three times a day (extra activities available)
  • Necessities (food, water, bed, etc.)

At our pet boarding facility, we offer a variety of services to make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible. Private kennels or condos are available for each pet, and in-house services such as bathing and exams can be arranged. Walks are provided three times a day, and additional activities such as playtime can be arranged. Necessities such as food, water, and bedding are also provided.

Boarding kennels

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“You always treat us like family & we appreciate you all!”
Candace G.
“Exemplary service is standard at Winnie Vet Clinic.”
Beverly S.